Strong connectivity and access to the internet are changing the modern workplace, and keeping staff connected to themselves and to clients has never been more essential.

We can provide commercial WiFi solutions for large premises, particularly for commercial deployment and large scale infrastructure. You and your guests can feel dependent on the connectivity, wherever you are in a building, with full control over access and usage.

With increased reliance on mobile technology at every turn, the knock-on effect of having an accessible, consistent and decent bandwidth is not to be undervalued…

  • Keep employees connected wherever they are in the building
  • Increase your customer loyalty and generate sales
  • Retain customers and clients for longer on your premises
  • Create marketing leads with custom landing pages and data gathering

Let us help you provide exceptional WiFi to enhance your business with seamless customer, employee and guest experience, alongside the tools to turn the digital experience into a potential profit for your business with a choice of free or chargeable WiFi.


Our bespoke WiFi Networking Installations ensure optimal performance in the workplace, both for employees and clients.

Guaranteed Coverage – Our business WiFi solutions consider many variables, considering premises size, layout, building construction and the type of devices connecting to the company or office network.

We go through your specific requirements and needs and install a business wireless network that guarantees coverage and capacity to agreed levels, ensuring that all devices receive a fast and stable connection.

Survey & Design – Our Netcomm engineers measure the strong and weak areas using a method called ‘Heat Mapping’ to easily identify weak connectivity zones, to then make adjustments and improve wireless coverage. Access Points are added around accordingly to ensure that the strength of your connection is strong and stable, wherever you are.

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