With over 30 years experience, upgrading your system with Netcomms couldn’t be easier – so let us help you!

As you may be aware, BT announced that they will be switching off all ISDN & Analogue lines by 2025. With this, all businesses will need to be migrated to Single IP Network using SIP & Cloud Services.

Your current ISDN system will not be compatible with these services, so let’s get you off the old technology!

Upgrading to an IP communication platform will offer a more efficient, flexible and lower cost solution.

Why upgrade your communications system?

  • Overall costs are lower– in fact, most calls are free.
  • Greater flexibility – integration with tablets, desktop and mobiles
  • Advanced, efficient solutions
  • Quick to install and manage
  • Extremely robust business continuity
  • Scalability– keep your communications growing with your business.


Get ready for the change. Contact Nick or Karen today for more information on 0800 298 6022