The use of cloud technologies has been rapidly increasing over recent years with a forecast of over 85% of UK businesses adopting cloud by 2018.

If you are planning on moving to the cloud you are not alone. Over 60% of UK businesses are planning on moving their entire IT estate to the cloud in the near future…



What are the most popular reasons for moving to The Cloud?



“I like the idea of moving to the Cloud, but have some concerns…”


You may share similar concerns regarding the adoption of cloud for your business, including:

Whilst all the above are genuine concerns they should not put a business off from moving to the cloud.


So… when is a good time?

If you are a business that needs bespoke integration into other on-premises software or need to meet strict regulatory requirements, then on-premise may still be the best option. The majority of Ericsson-LG handsets and on-premises systems are already cloud enabled. So, if you are looking for an on-premises system with a view to move to the cloud in the near future, you will have no need to replace any hardware.

Cloud telecoms is now extremely reliable and BT have also announced they are due to terminate ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) services by 2025. ISDN was previously the primary method of connecting an on-premises phone system to the telephone exchange to allow the transmission of voice and video. This has been superseded by SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) that essentially uses the internet and cloud technologies to route voice and video rather than the old digital network. This means even if you are using an on-premises phone system you will still be routing your calls via the cloud when this change is implemented.

If you are considering a new phone system or nearing the end of a contract on a current on-premises system then it is definitely worth considering a move to the cloud. It can considerably reduce up front costs and increase flexibility.

If your business is in the process of implementing a cloud strategy for other services including email, office applications, storage or CRM it may also be the time to plan to move your telecommunications to the cloud. This will enable your workforce to work flexibly whilst on the move using unified communications applications from mobile devices.

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