Efficient communication is the heart of any successful business. So when you’re deciding on a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, one of the key questions in your decision-making will be… Cloud ERP or on-premise ERP?




What is the difference between the two?

Cloud-based solutions is hosted on the vendor’s servers and is accessed through a Web browser.
On-premise solutions is installed locally, on a company’s own computers and servers.


Compared to a traditional phone system, cloud-based provides an array of wonderfully valuable extras. Cloud solutions are continually proving themselves as game-changers and are being widely deployed by businesses of all sizes.

Hosted applications are maintained and powered from the remote cloud infrastructure and are accessed globally through the internet. This provides the same functionality as locally installed software but can be updated more easily, with a user friendly interface making it an ideal alternative.

Cloud ERP presents cost savings, flexibility, scalability, security and speed that growing companies will find extremely appealing.


  • Manage your phone calls easily and effectively

    Cloud is tailored to deliver simple and reliable communications to your desktop from our highly secure and resilient data centres. This means we manage the phone system for you and you just use the handset, web portal or applications to access everything you need, when you need it.

  • Never miss a call, wherever you are

    You can access the cloud from any device and any location as long as you have an internet connection.

  • Ideal for off-site, home and flexible working

    Access on-the-go gives you the opportunity to diversify your workforce, as users are no longer bound to one central office location or a particular device.

  • Cost effectiveness

    One of the major advantages of having cloud solutions is the lower overall costs. Receive FREE site-to-site calls and cheaper call rates.

  • Lower maintenance costs

    Maintenance costs are significantly reduced as the responsibility for maintaining the solution, ensuring functionality, updates and upgrades are all handled by the cloud vendor.

  • Built-in Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

    Enjoy the confidence that your data is backed up and the disaster recovery plan ensures that your whole system is safe from accidental damage.

  • Full range of handsets and options to suit your business

    Customise to suit your identity as an organisation.



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