Hackers are getting more and more sophisticated. Telecoms fraud is a key area of cyber security, with monetary damages more than double that of credit card fraud and is an ongoing, and ever-evolving threat. According to Carl Boraman from Tollring – having Cloud can increase the problem but also provide the solutions.

Now that such a high percentage of fraud attacks are being captured by intelligent analytics, we believe this will cause a major shift in the channel’s approach to fighting fraud.” – Carl Boraman


Network Communications Group offers all of our customers the greatest level of protection in order to avoid these potential problems. One of those features includes iCall Suite which gives managers complete visibility of call traffic and call costs for single or multiple sites, with the ability to charge costs to different individuals, departments or clients. Primary call statistics can be displayed on a wallboard or PC monitor.

  • We will automatically cut off any phone number with usage of £500
    (if your phone number(s) spends more than £500 in 24 hours on traffic which is not UK geographic or UK mobile, it will automatically be disconnected – don’t worry connecting back is easily done!)
  • Guarantee the charge limit on any breaches
    (if the 24 hour threshold is breached, you will not be liable for usage above £500)
  • Automated notification of any disconnection
    (in the event of any of your numbers being disconnected, we will send you an email to notify you that a block has been applied. We can remove the block if required).

What can YOU do to try to prevent it?

Here are a few tips that will help reduce your exposure:

  1. Change all passwords regularly and use the most stringent password settings available. Avoid obvious codes such as the extension or easy to remember combinations such as 0000, 1234, etc.
  2. Change the passwords on unused mailboxes or extensions of employees who have left the company.
  3. Review calls by extension to check for unusual patterns or anomalies.
  4. Make sure you understand exactly how the system and its security works. If in doubt, speak to your telecoms provider.
  5. Consider limiting who is allowed to make international calls or calls to premium lines.
  6. Put in place daily or weekly limits and alerts on call spending with automatic call barring when thresholds are exceeded.
  7. Block out-of-hours calls.


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