Reach a larger audience. Effortlessly gain more clients.



What is SO WIFI?

SO WIFI provides a marketing platform to reach out to your customers directly and enables your business to understand them, inside and out. How? Your visitors ‘like’ and follow you on social media, in exchange for fast and easy guest-WiFi. Simple.



This way, your visitors can use your WiFi by ‘liking’ your social pages, thereby automatically building your online presence effectively. This even works for customers who don’t use social media, as they can simply provide their email address instead. Your business can quickly and effectively reach out to all of your following… in just one click.


SO WIFI works with:

• Facebook

• Instagram

• Twitter

• LinkedIn

• Email


 Insights: Who are your visitors?

As you watch your following grow, you can also see who they are. As your visitors use your guest-WiFi, the SO WIFI system gathers their data so you can get extremely beneficial insights into exactly who your guests are. The big advantage of this is: targeted advertising and direct relationship and development with your customers’ desires.

Direct and effective advertising

No more expensive advertising, but direct communication with all of your actual customers. You can reach out and  incentivise people and stay in touch with their collected contact details, giving you the ultimate marketing tool.
Your business can access a login portal which also provides promotional material in several languages, to accommodate all of your customers in several languages.


Each SO WIFI subscription includes free:

• Social media link of your choice

• Promotional material

• Personalised landing page

• Content and advertising help

• Real-time online dashboard


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