Statistically, more and more businesses are turning towards the modern approach to telecoms and embracing flexible practices to working. Upgrading to Cloud solutions allows organisations to run efficiently and effectively while employees stay productive on the go.

Whether your staff is located in a single building or scattered across the country, iPECS Cloud can make it possible for everyone in your organisation to operate on a single communication system without any disruption – literally as if they were situated at their desk all day, without needing to be! Employees can work effectively on any device and use collaboration tools to give them full capability of the office, wherever they are.


Upgrading to a Cloud hosted solution takes away a lot of the hardware and connects your phones via internet – which undoubtedly comes with a whole list of brilliant features including many that particularly support true mobile working…


Hot Desking

Take your number, phonebook and preferences across any site by simply logging into your profile on any enabled phone in the business and work as normal. There’s no need for a permanent workstation therefore this feature enables businesses to make more efficient use of company space and resources, avoiding any unused desk space!

Multi Device

Cloud conveniently integrates your fixed and mobile capabilities so that your devices are fully connected to each other. You can have more than one device for one extension number so you’re conveniently contactable on your DDI away from the desk.

Unified Communications

Always having a tool to see telephony activity in the office. See who is available, and what your colleagues are doing at that moment with status updates and visual phone line availability.


Employers are able to easily monitor and to track performance of staff, wherever they are, by simply logging into the system and keeping up to date with phone activity and stats from any mobile device.

Voicemail to Email

Once a voicemail has been left for you, you can also receive an email confirming the number and time of call along with a recording of the voicemail as an attachment. This way, you can be time efficient and sort through your voicemails in terms of urgency without having to listen to the whole list, and also easily forward a voicemail via email to a colleague if you are busy and an issue needs to be resolved quickly.

Roaming Calls

There are no international charges within the EU which means no huge bill when you spend the morning in your hotel room calling up colleagues or keeping to deadlines while you travel around the globe for work.

Cordless Phone Solution

For hospitality businesses in particular, a cordless phone solution is a great option for staff that move around a building constantly and aren’t sat at a desk. As long as there is a wifi connection, the phones will work exactly the same as desk equipment.



If you’d like to find out more about upgrading your telephony solutions to Cloud then please get in touch on 0800 298 6022!