The ability to capture the data of inbound and outbound phone conversations within a work environment is an extremely useful feature. Call recording of your staff who handle customer queries, sell over the phone or take phone transactions is greatly beneficial and may even be a legal requirement.

There are many reasons as to why a business should record their calls, and here are just a few to keep in mind…

It’s The Law

This is an important one.. Due to the EU’s regulatory reforms, MiFID II, which took effect in January 2018 – if you take payment from customers over the phone, or if you are a financial firm you are legally bound to record telephone calls.


Call monitoring is an effective way of training your call staff with good call etiquette. Going through a recorded call is a much more engaging and effective way of providing staff with feedback and help with certain call situations.

Effective, Direct Communication

Your business can drastically increase efficiency and reduce any potentially costly errors through call recordings, as they are the exact auditory copy of a phone conversation.

Sending a call recording to an employee is fast and human-error free, in the sense that the employee is given the exact conversation, rather than a written summary can sometimes be risk to inaccuracy.

Customer Disputes

Customer disputes can be handled with call recordings. In some specific cases, call and voice recording can serve as a verbal contract, and a way to establish how the customer and business handled an agreement over the phone.

Recorded calls can lend a helping hand to resolve disputes as they can also be used to listen through to a customer phone query so your staff can hear exactly what problem the customer had, and then establish what policy or procedure to use going forward after a complaint has been raised.


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