In recent years, the number and scope of regulations and requirements facing businesses has greatly increased. Call recording can deliver effective risk management, to help your business comply with strict regulations, pass legal controls, resolve potential disputes with customers as well as support with employee training and focusing on customer quality assurance.

iPECS IP Call Recording (IPCR) is a call recording and monitoring solution tightly integrated with iPECS Call Servers optimized for small and medium sized offices and contact centres. IPCR is designed as a simple and cost effective solution, while delivering powerful added features.


Since implementing IT functionality within a limited budget can be a major concern for smaller business, IPCR delivers an all-in-one cost effective system on a single standard server. It offers low total cost of ownership as it can be deployed quickly and easily, maintained either locally or from a remote data center, and supports all type of terminals registered with iPECS-LIK.

Even for small businesses, the features required are not so different from the needs of a large business. With iPECS IPCR, powerful value added features including voice packet encryption, local survivability, remote maintenance and fault alarms as well as basic monitoring, statistics report and more are available to your business. IPCR also offers flexible deployment as part of distributed architecture of iPECS systems.

You can easily access recording files over an IE 7 web browser. Intuitive Graphic display such as Icon view on agent status and graphs on system related performance are provided as well as real time graphic views of various statistics with many search options.


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