BTMK is a multi-site law practice with offices located throughout Southend & Leigh on Sea. An established legal firm with expertise in all areas of the law affecting individuals and business.

Identify, Secure & Address

BTMK had an aging Avaya system which was over 6 years old; we saw this as a potential lead as it was safe to assume their lease/calls and lines were due for renewal and may be considering an upgrade. BTMK was then contacted by our Telesales department on a cold call which identified a big opportunity.

Our telesales representative spoke to the IT department and instantly built a rapport on common grounds (boxing at the time!) and gauged interest using concise, sincere language about what we could offer for their business. It was immediately communicated to the client that NCG are a ‘one stop shop’ and offer calls and lines under the same umbrella, with over 30 years of experience within the industry. An appointment was arranged to discuss further.

Our Group Sales Manager visited BTMK to make initial appraisal of the prospect and developed a comprehensive proposal to address all aspects of their specific requirements.

The customer had already received quotes and was leaning towards a Cloud solution. NCG were conscious of the competitive nature and adjusted pricing to maintain a competitive edge, to win the business and meet all specifications. We identified areas where costs savings could be achieved, agreed where central call handling would take place and finalised connectivity requirements at the main site.

Subsequently, an on-site demonstration was arranged to highlight the key features of the Ericsson LG platform. BTMK were impressed and decided it met all their needs.

The Challenge

BTMK were using an Avaya CPE solution and due to age and increasing costs they identified a need to move to Hosted Cloud, replacing all line rental charges with a bandwidth driven service (70 ISDN Channels costing £1000 per month).

Clients’ needs:

  • Security & reliance
  • Cost reductions
  • Improved system mamagement
  • Streamline the products, creating a seamless communications platform across the 4 sites.

One challenge was to address the Connectivity as each location excluding the Head Office, limiting speed Data Connection.

However, once Cloud was deployed it became clear that limitations in design had not met the client’s full expectations, thereforecreating different obstacles that neither party could have foreseen. Back to the drawing board!


  • Shortfall in features giving poor user experience with phone usage
  • Turnaround adding new features
  • Clunky admin tool
  • Non-compliant GDPR call recording
  • Poor paging facility

We proposed:

  • GDPR compliant call recording
  • Slicker admin tool; bespoke to allow administrators to access relevant menus
  • Paging facility resolved to the on premise controller is minimal
  • IP attendant can alpha tag incoming calls
  • Full control of all aspects of the telephony solution, implementation of new user’s, general housekeeping and any new features per user

The Solution

  • Supplying 2 x IPECS 600 Call servers with T-Net Automatic failover, therefore no disruption and SIP Trunks including Business Continuity, offering an extra resilience level to the operations.
  • Client control of where each locations inbound calls were presented in the event of any type of Network Failure.
  • Outlook Integration for all users as this became more cost effective.
  • All users had a UC Client, so user experience was vastly improved
  • UCS apps were installed onto all key personnel’s smart phones
  • 70 x SIP Trunks with Business Continuity to complete the product migration.


Clear and tangible ROI was achieved by saving the client in excess of £750 per month on line and call charges against the cost of equipment rental being less.

Centralised call handing ensured more efficient rotation of reception staff across the 4 sites. This freed up time to perform other support duties.

Dedicated voice circuits were now in place of expensive ISDN lines.


Despite all the changes along the way, this job was a complete triumphas no downtime was experienced, carriers did their part of the change and the end user didn’t even realise they had moved away premise from the cloud (and we think that is key to a successful change over!)


This was a real win-win for all, from a protentional point of no return, the clients confidence has been restored so we now have a cracking solution deployed!




Once NCG were awarded the contract, separate site surveys were coordinated which analysed the call traffic across all sites, with revision of separate connectivity. We efficiently supplied the Ericsson Cloud Solution (140 users) with 1 x EFM for voice (Head Office), and 3 x FTTC Connections for the remote locations at half the ISDN costs.


As we shortly realised the client was becoming frustrated with the newly installed Cloud solution, a meeting was immediately called with BTMK’s management team to discuss the issues. A Pragma Director also attended to represent the manufacturer. Shortfalls were identified, so our Group Sales Manager recommended we replaced Cloud with the On Premises Ericsson LG iPECS, to retain all IP Devices.


Flexibility inherent in the Ericsson LG products allowed seamless transfer of the solution back to on premise from Cloud and utilise all handsets with zero disruption.


  • BTMK were to retain existing phones, cross compatible.
  • Numbers moved to SIP with Gamma; infrastructure and connectivity were already in place
  • DR on all numbers
  • Resilient duplicate Call controller as failover system
  • Outlook integration with desktop client
  • IP attendants with alpha tagging was essential
  • Slick hot desking feature allowing users to login at whichever site they were working at



Due to the nature of the business no downtime could be afforded. We planned work out of hours to port the numbers Friday evening installation took place over a weekend meaning that the users came in on Monday morning with a working phone and desktop integration.

The systems and failover were pre-built in our office prior to installation to ensure a seamless transition. Training on handsets & IP attendant and CICS clients were carried out on the new controller, ensuring end users were fully prepared from day 1.


A Unified Communication transformation project which went full circle, from On-Premise to Cloud and back to On-Premise once again.

NCG strives beyond a ‘one size fits all’ approach and instead provides a completely dynamic and bespoke solution. This is not a story about succeeding targets, this is a story about deploying a tailored, appropriate UC solution and a determined approach motivated by total customer satisfaction.





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